Copenhagen was nice. It was probably the least exciting trip I’ve taken this semester, but I’m still very glad I went. It’s a sweet city, full of beautiful green parks and bicycles and friendly Danes who all (really – all) speak fluent English. And it was very good for me to get out of Paris for the weekend; it would have been more free time than I can handle these days if I’d stayed, what with the weather being uncooperative and me being completely antsy in anticipation of my friends’ arrivals.
I’m counting down the days on one hand now. There will be some things I’ll miss about being completely independent, but not much. I was thinking today that living alone is sort of like masturbation—you learn what you like, and then ideally you can apply that knowledge to situations where more than one person is involved. (I hope I didn’t just scar anyone; I don’t really remember who has the link to this thing…) For example, I have learned that I really like taking walks—or runs—by myself. It is incredibly calming, and it’s something that I want to keep doing. I would sort of like to become a more serious runner, too. Now that I have more patience for it and (I think) suck less at it, I am starting to really enjoy it. The thought even occurred to me today that I could use my free time this summer to train for a marathon…? Would that be totally insane? Anyway, I’ve also learned to appreciate cooking easy things for myself, and reading before I go to sleep, and other things that seem minor but really aren’t. I hope all these habits will stay with me forever.
I can’t believe that all these people I care about are going to be here so soon. I actually am having trouble believing it. I feel like two parallel universes are about to collide. I can’t wait.
I don’t know when I’ll next have a chance to write. I hope to update one more time before I come home, but that will probably be it for this blog—if you want to know about my trip through Central Europe (have I mentioned that I’m spending the first two weeks of June traveling through Central Europe?), you will just have to call and ask me.
À la prochaine…

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