long time no blog, sorry

For some reason I have no desire to write about what I did over my April break. Fortunately, I can express myself through other media.

During the first week I went to Florence

During the first week I went to Florence

And Venice

And Venice

With my wonderful mom.

With my wonderful mom.

I spent the second week a farm in the mountains with my friend David and many kittens.




Then I came back to Paris and had a remarkably good week involving drinking wine by the Seine with my friend Dylan who was visiting from Ireland, seeing La Dolce Vita at a movie theater in the Latin Quarter, and going to an art school party with my French teacher’s kids Anne and Olivier. I read a chapter of Umberto Eco on translation that I found online, and now I’m really into the whole translation thing again. And I cut my hair very short, but I am not posting pictures here.


Instead, here is a picture of the best scrambled eggs I’ve ever made, which I ate for brunch today: 1 chopped small sweet onion (I’ve become really obsessed with sweet onions and tend to overload my food with them, so maybe you’d want to modify this); 2 eggs beaten with a lot of salt and pepper; a handful of coarsely chopped rocket (bought on a whim in the grocery store today—in French it’s “roquette”); a handful of crumbled feta cheese (fresh from the market yum yum); a few leaves of torn up fresh basil. Soooooo delicious.

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