Cashew? Gezunteit!

Having a fridge all to myself is mostly very nice, but it does mean that when food disappears I have no one to blame but myself. I’m discovering that there are certain things that I am a) unable to restrain myself from buying and b) disappear within 3 to 7 days no matter how much I buy. Apples are the worst, for some reason – I can easily eat three a day if they are around. But also candied ginger, which is not cheap and which I consume like an addict, and cashews, which are not cheap either and are also not particularly healthy. Oh well, I guess eating these things is better than the time I bought an enormous bag of Haribo sour frites. I don’t even want to think about that.

ANYWAY. Last weekend I finally met the daughter of my French teacher from last semester, who is my neighbor and an art student and an extremely likeable person. Though the consequences have been entirely pleasant, there have been many weird things about all this, including:
1. When my French teacher offered to put me in touch with her daughter, she entirely failed to mention that she also has a perfectly nice 21 year old son who lives in the adjacent apartment.
2. My French teacher and her husband are Yale professors and therefore live in New Haven. Their children have been living in Paris for the past three and a half years.
3. Before these kids lived in Paris, they went to high school in New Haven. Their parents sent the boy to Hopkins and the girl to… Wilbur Cross.
4. I spent my Friday night drinking with my professor’s children.
But I am not complaining.

Okay I have got to go do some work; I’m procrastinating horribly right now. And by do some work, I may or may not mean eat cashews.

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  1. haha loved this update. cashews are tasty.

  2. you ended up sleeping with them, The Dreamers-style, didn’t you?

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