how is it march already

I was at the Rodin museum yesterday, and I was thinking that art is great because it lets you stare at bodies in public without anyone minding. Rodin is particularly great, especially his big sculptures of fat, naked Balzac.

I’ve had a really wonderful week and a half. I went to London and Ireland to visit high school friends during my break, and when I got back to Paris my dad and my stepmom were there. So basically I got drunk and did touristy stuff for five days, and then I got to go to all my favorite places in Paris with two extremely appreciative and pleasant companions (who also paid for everything, including a lot of really nice meals). It’s going to be a bit of a letdown to return to real life now that my dad and Ilene have left. But I feel like this extended vacation is going to go a long way towards getting me through the annoyances of school and my foyer until I go to Italy for two weeks in April. Plus I have other friends coming to visit soon, most notably Francesca who will be here for a week, and a few marching band buddies as well. I do love Paris a lot – I just prefer it in the company of certain people.

I decided I’m going to try to start drawing comics. I was working on some short stories, which was going OK, but I’ve wanted to try comics for a long time and I think this is a good time in my life to do that. I’m not particularly occupied with… well, anything—classes and friends do exist, but take up remarkably little of my time here. And actually I think a project will make me feel busy and happy during the moments when I don’t have interesting work or people around, so it could work out very well.

Spring also seems to be on its way, which is taking me completely by surprise. It’s as if I’d forgotten that seasons change. Read whatever deep meanings you wish into that statement, but it is literally true. It was warmish yesterday and there were buds on the trees, and I was like “Whaaaa?” Or I guess “Quoiiiii?”

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