french friends!?

Big news guys: I had my first night out with no other Americans involved. I went out for drinks with my German friend Eva after choir practice, and a whole bunch of other choir people came, and we sat around talking about art and politics in French. Well, more specifically, Eva and I talked about politics with a former member of the Lyndon Larouche youth movement (they’re everywhere in this weird country – remind me to tell you about how they tried to recruit me this summer), and then two other people freaked out when they heard I was from New York and started talking about all these paintings they had seen at the MoMA, which I responded to by nodding enthusiastically and not mentioning that I haven’t been to the MoMA yet.
Anyway it was a lot of fun, and Eva invited me to visit her in Germany over my April break, which I may or may not do. I have so many places I want to travel. It looks like may also have two weeks at the beginning of June with literally nothing to do. What do you think – should I try to change my ticket and go home early, or should I squander more money and gallivant around Europe some more? Parents, please weigh in on this too.

Also, this has nothing to do with Paris or really with anything, but I love how leggings are the hippest going-out clothes. Seriously. Leggings and big, weird sweaters are what we wore in elementary school, until it became “inappropriate” (i.e. we acquired butts). But now it’s like, hey dudes at the club, check out my butt! But maybe you can’t see it because my shirt is kind of long! This also makes the infamous transition-from-day-into-evening (see any women’s magazine ever) SUPER easy – you just take off your skirt, and you’re ready to party! Though I guess that is the inherent definition of taking off your skirt.

Hey, you know what I miss about Livejournal? That “current mood, current music” tab. Well right now I’m pretty dang good, and I’m listening to the Vaselines. I hope you are too.

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  1. I loved the paragraph about leggings and butts and skirts. I made both Kate and Cameron read it.

    Yay you posted more! Keep posting!

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