Les Funambules

One great and terrible thing about being in a foreign country is that each event takes on a whole new level of personal importance. Every small achievement feels like the success of a lifetime; everything that doesn’t quite work out is the worst thing that has ever happened. The first time I tried to do my laundry and the machines didn’t work, I wanted to cry. When I made delicious roasted vegetables in my foyer’s convection oven later that day, it made up for any bad thing that had ever happened to me.
This is all to say that right now I am experiencing very irrational feelings of jubilation over having found a cafe with free wireless. It is a totally adorable cafe called Les Funambules about 2 blocks from where I live, with lights on strings outside, reasonably comfortable seats, super friendly waiters, and Cuban music playing in the background (in fact I think the cafe is not French-owned, which may explain why it is so friendly). I ordered mint tea and got an entire pot of hot water, plus two little biscuits.
I think this is especially exciting for me because I’d been really missing New Haven coffee shops. Last week – and this week too – my university was (is) on strike and I had a lot of hours with nothing to do. I tried hanging out in the cafe across the street from the fac, but they were playing the worst American music and there was no one else there and a jackhammer outside and it just made me really depressed. Fortunately I ran into a Middlebury grad student who is very nice and happens to live in my foyer, and we went to the cafe next to the mosque and got mint tea and talked about becoming translators. But as lovely as that was, it’s not gonna help next time I’m stuck at the fac with nothing to do – as far as I know, there isn’t even wireless in the university library. And then of course there’s the fact that I don’t have internet in my room. Sitting in the computer room or the lobby of my foyer is not much fun, and more cafes than you’d think are too busy or too crappy or too pricey or have no wireless or make you pay extra.
But now everything is better. Especially because the biscuits they gave me with my pot of tea are GINGERBREAD BISCUITS. Ahhhhhh.

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  1. Hey so speaking of coffee shops, did you hear that a really great one just opened up here called Blue State Coffee? It’s on Wall St across from Silliman (which I guess does you no good anymore but whatever) and it’s really awesome. It donates 5% of its profits to progressive causes and you get to vote on what those are, and it has really tasty pastries and sandwiches and the people who work there are really friendly. I’m drinking like 4 times as much coffee as I used to because I pass it all the time and I have no will power.

    Also it sounds like finding internet there is kinda a pain, but you should update more! I want to hear about your adventures!

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