a la fin de la premiere semaine

You know, this week of orientation really has made me feel more oriented. I would even say that a week ago I was feeling a little disoriented—not surprisingly, I guess, as I was more or less left to my own devices in a city where I was living alone and didn’t know anyone. But I know people now, and my French is already much better, and those things help a lot. I’m also learning to appreciate the large amount of time I have on my own. I’m reading for pleasure (gasp!), writing in my journal, and entertaining myself making lists of patisseries to visit—not to mention taking a lot of long pointless walks through the city, which is basically the best activity.

All sorts of people I know have also turned up in Paris. My French teacher’s daughter, who I have yet to meet but supposedly will at some point; an old family friend who is a sophomore at Columbia and introduced me to her crazy French friends; a long-lost buddy from Academic Team and CTY who is here for the semester with U. Chicago; a girl from my literature class last semester; the daughter of one of my mom’s best friends… I feel sort of popular, even though all my close friends are across the ocean. It’s kind of weird.

Oh hey, and I finally know what classes I’m “shopping” for real! Here’s the list:
A Middlebury-offered cinema course on the Nouvelle Vague (that one is for sure)
A mandatory Middlebury-offered French language class
A Sorbonne class on The Bourgeois, also somehow related to a History of Ideas class or department or something
A Sorbonne class called The Book-Universe in Science Fiction – I’d get to read Dune in French!
Sorbonne class called The Child in the World of Adults – Alice in Wonderland and Zazie Dans le Metro
Sorbonne class called History and Metahistory
Sorbonne class called The Arab World
Possibly a Sorbonne class on translation
I will get to pick 5 of these, or perhaps have them picked for me depending on how full they are when I register on Tuesday.

I’m hoping that after I’m done getting oriented I can start having more adventures. I really want to travel. We’re going to Toulouse next weekend, which should be great, and I’m going to see if I can make it the comics festival in Angouleme the weekend after that. I will, of course, keep you updated.

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  1. Who from Academic Team/CTY? Was it me?

  2. Sam Casper from Hastings? I don’t know if you know him.

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