Shopping of an entirely different kind

So, uh, listen… I made a fake Yale shopping period schedule for no real reason. Here it is. Tell me what you’re shopping! And if you’re shopping any of these classes, please do tell me how it is. I will tell you what I’m actually taking as soon as I know.

10:30 elementary musicianship – sight singing!
11:35 CS112 – let’s face it, this probably would not be as much fun as Python
1:30 tolstoy – Vladimir Alexandrov taught my freshman seminar and he is the BEST. as is Tolstoy.
2:30 the bible as literature – Leslie Brisman yo
3:30 what we eat and why – taught by Kelly Brownell, famous obesity research dude
Theory of TV and media – what is this even?

11:35 lit theory – I would almost definitely be taking this now, were I at Yale
1:30 francobelgian comic strips – ditto.
2:30 maghreb lit – guess I will be reading the menu at El Mamoun instead

9:25 ezekiel or klezmer music – what kind of cruel world would make me choose between these two classes? but actually let’s be honest, I would probably not take anything at 9:25 if I didn’t have to.
3:30 translation – yet another awesome offering from the French department. next year.

Oh and by the way, just in case anyone is interested in spending a lot of money, my French phone number is 06 46 20 35 53.
Also, photos of an adorable neighborhood right near my dorm will be posted on Facebook shortly; keep an eye out.

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  1. Is your French phone number a land line or cell phone? Either way we can call you from Skype, but if its a land line, its super cheap – like 2 cents a minute.

  2. It’s a cell. And I may be able to figure out normal Skype if I do it at weird enough hours…

  3. I’m shopping What We Eat and Why! It looks like fun, but I’ll probably only take it if I somehow manage not to get into the Farming and Eating in the USA college seminar (which I should, being a senior who’s never taking a college seminar…)

  4. I’m shopping/taking: Swahili (have to), Africa Since 1800, History of Southern California, and then 4 QRs. I also shopped What we Eat and Why but found it kind of boring. That late in the day, I get class ADD.
    I want to take Translation next year! I was going to shop it this year but SoCal Hist is at the same time 😦

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