Monoprix et al

I still haven’t quite figured out this dorm-type thing that I’m living in. There’s barely any sign of life on my floor, except for the occasional light in the kitchen and popcorny smell indicating that someone has microwaved something. The other night I went up to the library on the 9th floor (the sign on the door said, “Free Entry!”) and it was empty. At 10:00 at night on a Wednesday night. As far as I know, there are a couple hundred girls living here – where are they?

At least the neighborhood has plenty to explore. I live right next to a cute creperie/tea salon with an amazingly obnoxious waitress, a Moroccan restaurant called El Mamoun, a Vietnamese sandwich place, various bakeries, a public library, and a surprising number of hairdressers. Also a LOT of supermarkets. I realized yesterday that I’ve already been to four supermarkets – partially because I need to buy things like paper towels and tupperware that you just can’t get from the local artisans, and partially because supermarkets are more impersonal and therefore less intimidating.

Less intimidating in theory, anyway. At the first supermarket I went to, an enormous Monoprix, I couldn’t find the carts; at the second – Picard! – I gave the wrong amount of change and then nearly walked out of the store without my bag; and at a Champion I had a completely weird interaction with the cashier that I still don’t understand, but I think it involved him making fun of me for buying a lot of household items and possibly had to do with the fact that I look young. The fourth supermarket was basically OK, but seeing as all I bought there was a baguette and a mug, I think that would have been difficult to screw up.

At least all the awkwardness paid off. I don’t know why, but the regular old supermarket produce is FANTASTIC. I bought a bunch of clementine-y things and they are absolutely the best clementine-y things I have ever eaten. The milk is incredible too, though I suspect that may have to do with its fat content more than anything else. Cherry tomatoes and kiwis also got very high marks.

But don’t worry, I’m not about to spend the next five months walking around Paris by myself and buying groceries. Why, just yesterday I went to the Louvre with some of my new friends from my program! (True story.) And I have many plans for more exciting food adventures, of course – beginning with the Quatrehommes cheese shop down the street and the patisserie around the corner. And once I buy some pots and pans, I can start cooking. Maybe I can lure the other girls out of hiding with delicious smells.

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  1. Mamouns! All the way across the Atlantic and you still get Mamouns!

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